Management Policy

ORBIK is born specialized in cybersecurity services for equipment manufacturers that develop their own electronics and software. It has a cybersecurity laboratory with a methodology, equipment, and specialized personnel following international reference standards (IEC62443). It is a spin-off of IKERLAN focused on offering laboratory tests for the evaluation of electronic systems’ cybersecurity. It benefits from IKERLAN’s experience and support in this field. In addition to the tests, it also provides a continuous vulnerability management service for electronic systems.

As its foundational tool, Orbik adopts a Management System based on the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and establishes the following Management Policy as a public display of its positioning, expressed through the following commitments:

• Working constantly to adapt swiftly to the requirements, needs, and expectations of customers to the best of our capabilities and thereby increase their satisfaction.

• Internally promoting awareness of the importance of our Management System, motivating and encouraging organization participation through teamwork, internal collaboration, and communication.

As a fundamental pillar of its management for the effective fulfillment of these objectives, Orbik’s leadership considers a commitment to continuous improvement, compliance with applicable requirements, and the appropriate pursuit of customer satisfaction by providing services that exceed their expectations.

The ongoing validity and permanence of this commitment will require the effort, participation, and awareness of all the individuals who form Orbik and the commitment of the leadership to lead and strengthen it with the necessary resources. As evidence of my support and firm commitment, I endorse this Integrated Management Policy.

Salvador Trujillo Gonzalez

CEO March 24, 2023

Click here to see ORBIK’s ISO 9001:2015 Certificate