How do we work?


Through our consulting service, we assist you in the product design phase, ensuring cybersecurity from the very beginning.


Once your product is manufactured, we conduct tests to verify that is meets the standards.


In order to launch the equipment into the market, you see to demonstrate it is secure. We accompany you through the certification process.


When the product is in the market, we assist you managing your vulnerabilities in a continuous process.

Customer Journey

One Day assessment (🕒24h)
Get on the road to CRA compliance with our quick and thorough initial assessment. In just one business day, we'll provide you with a detailed assessment to determine if your product meets our certification standards along with the new regulations.
One week assessment (1 week)​
In this next phase, we delve deep into your product's requirements to achieve CRA compliance. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment to identify any necessary changes, ensuring alignment with the stringent CRA regulations.​
Foundations assessment (🕒2 to 4 weeks)
In this next phase, we add a layer of security testing to the assesment. A complete walkthrough of CRA compliance.
Custom assessment (To be consulted)
We customize our services to fit your unique requirements! Reach out to us to create a personalized assessment plan tailored to meet all of your needs.
Continuous monitoring (to be consulted)
Haven't you ear of MyOrbik yet? My Orbik revolutionizes IT security with its proactive approach, utilizing advanced vulnerability monitoring to empower organizations in staying ahead of cyber threats. As a premier vulnerability management tool, My Orbik conducts regular, thorough scans across systems, networks, and applications, employing sophisticated algorithms to detect even the most discreet vulnerabilities. With itscapability to identify new threats in real-time, My Orbik equips users to swiftly mitigate risks, ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats. Discover the proactive cybersecurity prowess of My Orbik today.

Clients We Worked With

What services we offer?

IEC 62443-4-1 Secure product development lifecycle requirements. Orbik has methodologies and accreditations to provide manufacturer-specific cybersecurity services. Of the 8 practices outlined in the regulations, Orbik offers specific services in 3 of them. Cybersecurity assessments, Cybersecurity software updates and vulnerability management.

Assistance throughout the journey

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to fortify the security posture of industries navigating the complexities of connected systems. Explore our industry-focused cybersecurity services to ensure the resilience and protection of your critical infrastructure.

One Day assessment One week assessment Foundations assessment Custom assessment Vulnerability Management
1 week
2-4 week
To be consulted
To be consulted
General compliance audit​
CRA requirements compliance state​
Automated DAST​
Functional testing
Product Roadmap