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We offer you conditions and benefits that help you in your daily life, so that you can live the Orbik experience to the fullest.

Innovation and Technical Challenges

Here, we don't settle for the basics. We are constantly exploring new technologies and methodologies to strengthen our defenses. Solving complex problems is our passion, and every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Flexibility and Balance

Although we work hard, we also value work-life balance. We have flexible schedules, remote work options and a supportive environment. This allows us to recharge and stay focused on what really matters.

Mentoring and Continuous Learning

We guide you through complex projects, sharing their knowledge and skills. In addition, we have access to training, workshops and conferences to keep us up to date in a constantly changing field.

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Work with us

If you have any questions about the way we work or would like to inquire about our job openings, please send us a message without obligation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


What is the Orbik experience like?

“Working at Orbik may come with the perception of being a small company, but that doesn’t mean it lacks vision or ambition. The company focuses on the development and security of IoT technologies, and employees have the rewarding opportunity to see the direct impact of their work in this field. The author highlights their involvement in critical projects that strengthen product security and protect customer data and privacy.

The work environment at Orbik is described as highly collaborative due to the company’s size. Employees know each other well and work closely together, which creates a familiar and supportive atmosphere. Overall, working at Orbik is considered an incredibly rewarding experience. The combination of a collaborative environment, the chance to take on diverse responsibilities, and the emphasis on professional growth makes Orbik an ideal place for individuals passionate about cybersecurity and IoT technology. The author expresses pride in being part of the team and contributing to a more secure and connected future.”

Marcelo Quiroga
Full Stack Developer – Cybersecurity Specialist


Senior Developer

We are looking for Senior Developer for Vulnerability Management Tool for Electronic Systems.

Senior Testing Engineer

We are looking for Senior Testing Engineer for IEC-62443-4 conformance testing of industrial products.

Students with computer skills

We are looking for students with computer skills to give them adequate work experience and train them for their future. In addition to expand their knowledge in this field.