Certification process

IEC 62443​

The certification process for IEC 62443 on industrial devices involves several steps. First, manufacturers ensure their products comply with the relevant IEC 62443 standards through design and testing.

Then, they engage a certified third-party testing laboratory to evaluate the product’s compliance. The laboratory conducts rigorous testing to verify adherence to IEC 62443 requirements, including security features, resilience to cyber threats, and resistance to common attack vectors.

Once the product passes the testing phase, the manufacturer receives certification, indicating compliance with IEC 62443 standards. This certification demonstrates to customers and stakeholders that the product meets industry-recognized security standards for industrial devices.

ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is an international standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. It ensures reliable results by covering management and technical requirements like organizational structure, quality management, personnel qualifications, equipment, and environmental conditions. The standard also mandates impartiality, confidentiality, and continuous improvement.

Certification boosts laboratory credibility, global recognition, efficiency, customer confidence, and regulatory compliance. Implementation involves gap analysis, staff training, documentation, audits, reviews, and accreditation. Adhering to ISO 17025 ensures high-quality and accurate testing and calibration.

ISO 17065​

The aim of ISO 17065 standard is to establish requirements for product and service certification bodies, ensuring that they meet international standards of quality and safety.

The certification process under ISO 17065 standard consists of several stages. First, the certification body conducts a comprehensive assessment of the products or services to be certified. Next, an audit is carried out to verify compliance with the requirements established by the standard. Finally, once compliance with the certification criteria has been confirmed, the corresponding certificate is issued.

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