The IEC 62443-1 standard is like a superhero cape protecting industrial and control systems from sneaky cyber attacks. It’s about making sure everyone knows the same words and ideas when it comes to keeping things safe from the bad guys.

Main ideas:
  • Definitions and concepts: break down complex cybersecurity terms and models so everyone can understand the basics and work together to keep industrial environments safe.
  • Security Models: explain how to keep industrial networks secure by controlling who can access them and stopping any potential threats.
  • Risk Assessment: It’s like a detective that helps us figure out what could go wrong and how likely it is to happen.

In short, IEC 62443-1 is like a solid foundation for industrial cybersecurity, helping different parts of the system work together and keep everything safe.

Customer Journey

One Day assessment (🕒24h)
Get on the road to CRA compliance with our quick and thorough initial assessment. In just one business day, we'll provide you with a detailed assessment to determine if your product meets our certification standards along with the new regulations.
One week assessment (🕒1 week)​
In this next phase, we delve deep into your product's requirements to achieve CRA compliance. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment to identify any necessary changes, ensuring alignment with the stringent CRA regulations.​
Foundations assessment (🕒2 to 4 weeks)
In this next phase, we add a layer of security testing to the assesment. A complete walkthrough of CRA compliance.
Custom assessment (🕒To be consulted)
We customize our services to fit your unique requirements! Reach out to us to create a personalized assessment plan tailored to meet all of your needs.
Continuous monitoring (🕒 To be consulted)
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What we offer ?

One Day assessment One week assessment Foundations assessment Custom assessment
1 week
2-4 week
To be consulted
General compliance audit​
CRA requirements compliance state​
Automated DAST​
Functional testing
Product Roadmap

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