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Welcome to, your essential companion in finding and understanding vulnerabilities in embedded systems. This revolutionary application has been designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive view of the security of your systems, scanning and collecting various vulnerabilities with precision. is officially online!

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Automate Product Vulnerability Management

Our tool automates the process of managing product vulnerabilities, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Cost Reduction, compared to manual methods

Utilizing significantly reduces costs, making vulnerability management more affordable for businesses of all sizes.

 Integration with Open Source Tools seamlessly integrates with various open- source tools, automating tasks and enhancing overall functionality.

Cost Savings

Companies can experience up to a fivefold reduction in costs by utilizing, providing significant savings without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Error Prevention and High-Fidelity Management

 By automating tasks and eliminating human errors, ensures high-fidelity vulnerability management, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Vulnerability monitoring

The website redefines IT security by taking a proactive approach through its advanced vulnerability monitoring. Instead of waiting for threats to manifest themselves, constantly scans the digital landscape, identifying and assessing potential points of vulnerability. The application performs regular, comprehensive scans of systems, networks and applications, using sophisticated algorithms to detect even the most subtle threats. Continuous monitoring ensures that new vulnerabilities are identified in real time, providing users with the ability to mitigate risks before they become significant threats.

Vulnerability management

The tool simplifies vulnerability management through automatic and scheduled scans. Establish regular intervals to assess and update the security of your systems, ensuring a constant and adaptive defense against emerging threats. We understand that not all vulnerabilities are equal in terms of risk. uses intelligent prioritization criteria to rank threats based on their severity and potential impact on your digital infrastructure. This allows you to focus on addressing critical vulnerabilities first.

Centralization of information

The application not only identifies vulnerabilities, but also centralizes information efficiently. organizes the findings in a clear and accessible way, providing users with a unified view of the security posture of their systems.

SBOM Quality Metrics

Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) quality metrics enhance vulnerability management tools by ensuring SBOM accuracy, completeness, timeliness, consistency, standard compliance, and risk prioritization. These metrics provide precise, comprehensive, and current data on software components and vulnerabilities, aiding informed decision-making, efficient remediation, and improved cybersecurity by prioritizing actions based on severity and impact.


Comparing vulnerabilities between two products serves as a benchmark, enabling evaluation of their relative security. It informs decisions on adoption and highlights risks and security issue frequencies. Additionally, it motivates developers to enhance security measures based on unfavorable comparisons. 🚀

Set up Your Security Feed and Alerts with Emailed Reports

Vigiles securely maintains current SBOMs of your products and continuously rescans and tracks vulnerabilities for all your product is released and in production.

  • Stay on top of new vulnerabilities periodic rescans and reports.
  • Keep your device secure in the field, for full product lifecycle.

Other features

Gain immediate insight with intuitive dashboard visualizations for rapid analysis. Customize reports to inform security teams about critical issues, allowing for swift action in response to potential threats.

Proactively identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on their potential impact to your organization. Receive targeted alerts when new threats emerge, enabling rapid response and mitigation efforts to minimize risk exposure.

Access centralized management and reporting functionalities through the portal, providing a unified view of your organization’s security posture and vulnerability landscape. This centralized approach streamlines oversight and facilitates efficient decision-making processes regarding cybersecurity measures.

Receive instant notifications of new vulnerabilities affecting your products, ensuring timely awareness and enabling prompt remediation actions to address emerging security risks. Stay informed about the evolving threat landscape and take proactive steps to safeguard your systems and data.

Automate vulnerability scanning processes to continuously monitor your environment for security weaknesses. Leverage automated tools to conduct comprehensive scans and identify potential vulnerabilities, allowing for proactive risk mitigation and strengthening of your organization’s security posture.

Access technical support for installation, setup, configuration, and general usage of the platform. Benefit from expert assistance to ensure smooth deployment and effective utilization of the vulnerability management tool, maximizing its value in enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

Customize settings and reports according to your organization’s specific requirements and preferences. Tailor the platform to align with your unique cybersecurity objectives and operational workflows, ensuring optimal functionality and relevance to your organization’s security needs.