The importance of SBOMs in CRA compliance

In the intricate labyrinth of Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) compliance, lies a crucial requirement for safeguarding our software supply chain: understanding the significance of SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) files.  

As you might already know, CRA is a regulatory proposal aimed at ensuring that manufacturers of products with digital elements establish appropriate cybersecurity safeguards. The CRA is horizontal legislation whose main mission is to fill the existing gaps in current legislation. 

One of its objectives is to Increase transparency regarding the cybersecurity practices and features of products, as well as their manufacturers. The first requirement stated in the CRA states as follows: 

’Manufacturers of the products with digital elements shall:  

(1) identify and document vulnerabilities and components contained in the product, including by drawing up a software bill of materials in a commonly used and machine-readable format covering at the very least the top-level dependencies of the product;’’ 

The CRA mandates that manufacturers create SBOMs for their products. But what exactly is an SBOM?  

SBOM files are a powerful tool for enhancing transparency within your supply chain. They provide a comprehensive inventory of all software components utilized in a product or application. As software supply chains become increasingly complex, understanding the composition of your product is crucial. 

For example, when a known vulnerability is discovered, SBOMs enable manufacturers to swiftly assess which products are affected and take necessary mitigation steps. 

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